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A little buzz free

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Hey, busy bees! Have you been busy buzzing around with little to no time to just “be”? You could give slowing down while eating a chance! Statistics state, most people are on their phones, at a computer during meals, or eating on the go. Research also shows we have developed social media addictions and actually meet up to socialize less. You may fall into one or all of these categories. So, how does staying busy equate to not being balanced you may ask? Well first, ask yourself if you feel unproductive or exhausted at the end of the day. Perhaps, we are constantly engaged because we want to achieve something outside of ourselves. However, you're so much more than a worker bee honey. You're a human holy trinity; fully equipped with a mind, body, and spirit. What if you changed one thing about the day. Try meditative bites to stay in the moment! You could choose to eat quietly, chew slowly, focus on breathing, and enjoy your meals. It may even lead to increased healthier food choices, thankfulness, and overall less tiredness. Give it a try during your next meal! I have a feeling you'll feel better by the end of the day. Enjoy being one with the force... I mean food. - BZB

A few more tips...

  • When eating with others, take deep breathes to stay in tune with each bite

  • Mix it up at lunch, variety is key to a balanced mind, body, and spirit

  • Have fun prepping meals the night before or cook enough during dinner so leftovers can be your lunch

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