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Fri, Apr 24


EcoAmazonia Lodge

Deep Amazon Retreat - 8 Days (11th-17th April 2020)

Life is all about experiences! Explore new ideas, increase intuition, access the inner warrior, release old patterns, establish a self care practice. Let me guide you deeper into self with plant medicine Ayahuasca.

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Deep Amazon Retreat - 8 Days (11th-17th April 2020)

Time & Location

Apr 24, 2020, 7:00 AM – Apr 30, 2020, 11:00 AM

EcoAmazonia Lodge, 26 De Diciembre 435, Puerto Maldonado 17100, Peru

About The Event

Give Master Plant Medicine, Ayahuasca (or Yage) a chance, and release old patterns and cycles.  Life is all about experiences!  Let Profirio (ceremony facilitator) and I be your guide deeper into self awareness.  Explore new ideas and practices over spring break deep in the Amazon jungle of Peru.  Become free as a bird and fly into higher awareness.  Gain insight to your greatness and root causes of physical ailments.  Obtain everlasting tools to help you in various challenging facets after the retreat. Wonderful trip for the busy bee, artist, teacher, healer, counselor, solo adventurer seeking wisdom, deeper intuition and guidance!  

Explore the connective energetic power of the Amazon Jungle in Peru

Enquire deeper in the traditional way, with the plant medicine and teacher Ayahuasca  

Experience the practices with revereance and gain transformative sacred healing  

We will be guided by our Indigenous Brother Profirio, from the Cocama Cocamillo Tribe

And, I will accompany you and ensure your comfortable every step of the way.

Insight about the journey inward...

Our journey begins to the Amazon via the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado. We travel two hours by motorised canoe up river to our jungle lodge.  After arrival we relax and explore our surroundings before our evening gathering; in which we focus on setting intentions to align our thoughts, ideas, and expectations to create clarity and peace of mind.  During our jungle stay we focus on personal healing, guidance, insight, purpose and direction.  All Ayahuasca sessions are held under the safety and guidance of our authentic native Amazonian Plant Guide/Brother Profirio.  We are provided the opportunity for group and individual consultation about the medicine and various experiences in the world of Ayahuasca. ​ On the days following the plant medicine we will share together as a group to review our intentions and process our experiences.  We will also enjoy daily hatha yoga, meditation and deep yoga relaxation, relaxing mud baths, river swims, guided jungle walks and heavenly hammock naps while feasting on healthy local food and fresh Amazon fruit juices. ​ Our accommodation is a beautiful and luxurious Amazonian lodge. This well organised and facilitated venue will cater to all our needs allowing us to relax and fully immerse ourselves in the transformative aspects of our stay.  Rooms are twin or triple share luxurious jungle bungalows each with a private bathroom. Also there are hammocks and various lounge areas.  You will also have access to individual guidance prior, during and after ceremonies.  

Quick Q&A:

What is Ayahuasca?

- It is a versatile medicinal plant.  The primary ingredient of the tea is the vine... the vine is called ayahuasca or yage 

*Ayahuasca means the vine of the soul or vine with a soul.  The vine is accompanied by a plant called chacruna which also has psychedelic substance called DMT.

How does it work? *And, does it stay in the system?

- The sessions are traditionally provided by our brother Profririo during the evening (sessions can last 4+ hours) 

- We are gudided by him during the ceremony and refrain from any new age practicies

- Allows for deep healing and inner intuitive connection and transformation.

- It has the potential to treat PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, cancer and other diseases.  - It changes the concentrations of serotonin, the mood-boosting neurotransmitter in the brain.  It alleviates depression by action of DMT (natural chemical we all have within) and when stimulated the psychoactive chemical is known to induce spiritual revelations and experiences.  However, it is the combination of nature, our brother guide and the Master Plant that creates the setting in which we can access the medicine we need specifically and gently.  There will be cleansing if the mind, body and spirit request it... You can think of it as emptying the full cup so as to see clearly and feel lighter. Therefore, you can expeirence a cleanseing during the sessions. 

- Ayahuasca and Chacruna are not drugs, sinthesized in a lab and have adverse effects on your physical body.  However, it is important to suspend drug intake, caffeine and meats 2 weeks (to a month) prior to ceremony.

How is it made?

- It is the Ayahuasca vine and the Chacruna plant combined into a brewed (for hours) made by our brother Profirio in his villiage.

- It is made in the Cocama Cocamillo village, Amazon Jungle near Iquitos. 

(More inforamtion on the Master Plant Teacher can be found on the 'More Information Page')

RESERVATIONS/PAYMENTS No reservation is confirmed until the applicable deposit, Registration, Terms, Conditions & Participant.

Please do not purchase flights until all paperwork is finalized and confirmation is received for the retreat.

Responsibilities, and Liability Release Agreement are received by BZB Wellness. The deposit for the April retreats is due upon Registration.

Partial payments will be accepted as listed on the booking site.

The Balance for either of the April retreats are due no later than January 3rd, 2020 *If your would like an alternate payment method such as bank transfer via Zelle, USAA or Navy Federal please let me know.





  • Full Retreat Payment


    Ticket is full room and board... 6 nights luxury accommodation in jungle lodge Twin or triple share Private bathrooms 3 meals per day Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Integration & support sessions Morning and afternoon yoga classes Native guided jungle excursions ​




  • Retreat 1/2 Payment


    Retreat payment for full room and board... 6 nights luxury accommodation in jungle lodge Twin or triple share Private bathrooms 3 meals per day Ayahuasca Plant Medicine Integration & support sessions Morning and afternoon yoga classes Native guided jungle excursions ​




  • Retreat Deposit 1st Payment


    Deposit will be used to secure the flight. You will be notified, as your consent will me needed prior to conducting any arrangements prior to booking. *Please not that the cost of the flight may increase as they are subject to change. And, we have an international flight to Peru (either to Lima or Cusco) and a short internal domestic flight to Puerto Maldonado (PEM).






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