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We encourage tracing our own traditional roots to obtain a greater connection.  By learning and honoring those of our indigenous cultures, we can find our path back to profound healing and connection.  During our Wellness Retreats in the Amazon Jungle, we are honored to share ancient Taino and Amazonian wisdom.  All the practices are lead in a whole person's method of learning and understanding.  We do not alter, appropriate, nor dilute any practices.  This respectful approach has led to rapid results in releasing emotional, mental and physical trauma; and enhancing whole-body wellness.  Through workshops and community events we further our progress. 

Sincere care and dedication to understanding what each client needs in order to reach integral wellness makes us proud of our services.  It is why so many asked for this approach to be shared.  You can trust in a consistent expansion in our approach to wellness; because we are guided through self-awareness and higher guidance. 

BZB Facilitators offer Mind-Body guidance throughout New York; while offering retreats in Peru and is expanding to Puerto Rico.  Its founder, Bilqis Benu has over 19 years of facilitating recreation and wellness programs.  She has facilitated Fitness, Traditional Hatha Yoga, Dance, Workshops, Trainings, and Retreats. 
The main goal is for all to hear the subtle, connect deeper and heal. 

Spiritual Guides:

The Universe, Mother Earth, Spiritual Guides, Shamans on the path, Higher Self, Grandmother, Family, and Friends



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